Women's Circle empowers women through companioning in their job search and skill development classes. We use a three-part program to assist women and their families in their pursuit of education, employment and personal goals by offering support group discussions and referrals.

We offer 32 classes a week in English, Creole Literacy, Computer Skills, Sewing and Crochet.

Job Preparation
Our job preparation program provides clients with the skills required to interview for jobs and to maintain employment. Services include resume preparation, interview techniques, client follow-up, and job application preparation. We meet with women one-on-one to help promote confidence and overcome their personal barriers to success, provide career guidance, and assist in job searches. Our "clothing for interviews" program provides women with clothing appropriate for the industry they are going to work in. For more information, or to register, please call our Job Development Assistant at (561) 244-7627, ext. 103 or, for Creole speakers, (561) 244-7627, x-102.

Support Groups
Our monthly support groups unite women in open discussion and exploration of a variety of topics such as general health maintenance and nutrition, personal safety, financial planning and parenting, as presented by guest speakers/authorities in the respective fields.

We meet on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. at the following location:
Treasure Chest Early Learning Center
101 N.E. 5th Avenue
Boynton Beach,
FL 33435

From I-95 North
Take I-95 South to Boynton Beach Boulevard, make left turn (east) onto Boynton Beach Boulevard and go east to Seacrest Boulevard; make left onto Seacrest and go approximately three blocks to 5th Avenue; make a right and an immediate left into parking lot.

From I-95 South
Take I-95 North to Boynton Beach Boulevard, make right turn (east) onto Boynton Beach Boulevard and go to Seacrest Boulevard; make left onto Seacrest and go approximately three blocks to 5th Avenue; make a right and an immediate left into parking lot.

For further information, please contact Sr. Lorraine Ryan at (561) 244-7627, x-107.

Referrals are provided to a network of community services.

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Our latest success story...

Happy! Excited! Enthusiastic!

Women's Circle student realizes dream to become a U.S. Citizen

Dolly Salazar“Happy, excited, enthusiastic.” Those are the words Marielle Augustin uses to describe her reaction on the day she became a U.S. citizen in a ceremony at Spanish River Library, Boca Raton, in September, 2012.
The road to citizenship was not easy for the Haitian immigrant, but was smoothed by Women's Circle volun- teers and family members who supported her dream. Even so, Marielle worked very hard for that paper that declared her a U. S. citizen.

She came to the United States in 2001 from Haiti with her husband Joan Ernest, adult children: son Joan Ernest Jr. and daughter Nafta for a “better life.” The family members got jobs — Marielle at McDonald's. But then sickness changed their lives. Marielle's husband had a stroke and Marielle had major heart surgery. Neither one could continue to work.

Two years ago, a friend introduced Marielle to Women's Circle, where she could learn to speak English. Soon she was attending classes in English, computer, typing and Rosetta Stone every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Meanwhile, her daughter, who became a U.S. citizen, gave her the book she used to study for her citizenship test. “I studied, studied, studied,” Marielle says with a laugh. With the help of Women's Circle tutors such as Kris Ferrell, she passed the test. Kris still tutors Marielle in English. “She helps me to understand everything,” Marielle says of Kris. On the day she received her citizenship, a celebration was held at Women's Circle. Marielle says the citizenship “gives me a new life. I came here from Haiti and now I have a new life.”

Women's Circle Services
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  • Support Group
  • Tutoring in Rosetta Stone
  • ESOL Classes
  • Support Group at Treasure Chest
  • Citizenship Tutoring
  • Crochet class
  • Support group
  • Women's Circle... our new home
  • ESOL Class
  • ESOL volunteer and student
  • 100 3801
  • Computer classroom
  • One of our classrooms
  • Sewing machines for class

"Circle of Hope" Gala — 2014
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  • DSC00541
  • DSC00549
  • DSC00550
  • DSC00555
  • DSC00559
  • DSC00573
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  • DSC00581
  • DSC00582
  • DSC00583
  • DSC00604
  • DSC00609
  • DSC00630
  • DSC00635
  • DSC00637
  • DSC00645
  • DSC00656
  • DSC00672
  • DSC00701
  • IMG 0474
  • IMG 0480
  • IMG 0482
  • IMG 0495
  • IMG 0498
  • IMG 0511
  • IMG 0531
  • IMG 0543
  • IMG 0597
  • IMG 0598
  • DSC00515
  • DSC00557
  • DSC00561
  • DSC00585
  • DSC00587
  • DSC00594
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  • DSC00715
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Women's Circle Highlights
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  • Lyciana Innocent became a US citizen after being tutored at Women's Circle.
  • After living in the US for 7 years, Dolly Salazar finally began formally learning English at Women's Circle and has made tremendous improvements in only 6 months.
  • Marie Gessy Auguste received an honorable mention from the Literacy Coalition in an essay writing contest.
  • Marielle Augustin became a citizen, with the help of tutoring, and voted in her first election.
  • Women's Circle receives a $1000 grant from Walmart and Sister Lorraine meets with our client Dalise Alfred who received a job at WalMart.
  • Marie Miraquise Finance learned English and received a housekeeping job.
  • Marie Desir receives a scholarshiop from the Soroptimist Club of Boca Raton and a matching award from Women's Circle to continue her education.
  • Madrid Delice received a scholarship from Women's Circle to continue her education.
Awards Ceremony
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  • Sister Joan with Sister Yvonne.
  • Sister Joan (right) reads students names while Laurette Valcena (center) passes out awards. Sister Lorraine (left) congratulates students and gives them a rose.
  • Students fill the Sanctuary at First United Methodist Church in Boynton Beach for the Awards Ceremony.
  • Student sits with her daughter.
  • Student with her family.
  • Students enjoy their evening.
  • Sister Lorraine Ryan passes out flowers to the award recipients.
  • Award recipients.
  • Award recipients.
  • Tee Jackson as Mistress of Ceremonies.
  • Sewing/knitting student models her Christmas dress, scarf and hat.
  • Sewing/knitting student models her Christmas dress, scarf and hat.
  • Sewing/knitting student models her Christmas dress, scarf and hat.
  • Sewing student models her Christmas dress.
  • Students from the Fashion Show.
  • Sonja Moran, pictured on left with Sister Lorraine, donated gifts for the women.
  • Left to right: Anry Pickholtz and Ellen McCormack sing Christmas carols while Gigi Dolcine calls students up to the buffet.
  • Students and families enjoy dinner. Photo by Arny Pickholtz.

  • Gigi Dolcine with her daughter. Photo by Marlene Roberts and George Banet.
  • Sister Lorraine introduces a student who sang a song for us.
  • Sewing/knitting student models her Christmas dress, scarf and hat.
  • Tee Jackson (right) congratulates student. Photo by Arny Pickholtz.
  • This giant panda was raffled off to one lucky child in attendance. Photo by Marlene Roberts and George Banet.
Literacy Week at Women's Circle

Every year in September we celebrate literacy week with activities and games that make learning fun.
Each student receives a gift of school supplies.

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  • Literacy Week, 2012
  • Students During Literacy Week, 2012
  • Spelling Bee Literacy Week 2012
  • Literacy Week, 2012, Spelling Bee
  • Literacy Week, 2012
  • Literacy Week, 2012
  • Gilda Galdo speaks to a class
  • Picture/Word Bingo
  • Students read together
  • Gilda introduces Circle of Hope Chair, Peggy Martin, to the class.
  • Peggy Martin congratulates the students on a job well done.
  • Seminarians Jason and Jonathan work with their ESOL class.
  • Ruth Pelletier celebrates with her students.
  • Gifts of school supplies for students.


How You Can Help...

Women's Circle is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to empower women of low income to become all they can be, by assisting them to gain enhanced employment, becoming self sufficient, and leaders in a culturally diverse community.

Funding for this community program to affirm and encourage women in their pursuit of educational, employment, and personal goals is provided by grants and personal donations, which are tax exempt. We are not supported by any church or religious organization. Women's Circle relies solely on people such as yourselves.

We sincerely appreciate your help, and we count on you to help us make a difference!

Your time or donation makes a difference.

Share your knowledge and your skills to help the women at Women's Circle to better their lives.

Demands for services and classes continue to increase,
and Women's Circle desperately needs...

  • Make a monetary gift
    We welcome your monetary contributions, which are tax deductible. Any amount will do. Please make your donation payable to: Women's Circle, Inc., c/o Sr. Lorraine Ryan, Women's Circle, Inc., 912 SE 4th Street, Boynton Beach, FL 33435. Donations may also be made securely via the Donate button on the upper left, just above Our Mission, on this website — or by going to Extraordinary Charities.
  • Donate clothing suitable for job interviews
    We solicit donations of gently used women suits, shoes, and blouses etc. suitable for job interviews. Your donation is tax deductible.
  • Dressmaking material and yarn
    We need dressmaking material in sufficient yardage lengths (minimum of 3 yards) to make dresses for our beginning students, as well as yarn for our crochet classes. Gift cards for Jo-Ann Fabrics are always welcome.
  • Office supplies and paper products
  • Flat-screen computer monitors
  • Funds for books for classes
  • Volunteer
    We offer you an opportunity to share your time in various capacities, ESOL Tutors, Computer instructors, Sewing and Crochet instructors, grant writers, office assistance and job preparation. To volunteer, please contact Jan Gilchrist at (561) 244-7627, x-106, or e-mail:

...Also, please remember Women's Circle, Inc. in your will.

Contact us...

Call, write, or e-mail today to discover how your knowledge or donations can help.

      Women's Circle, Inc.
      912 SE 4th Street
      Boynton Beach, FL 33435

            Phone:  Sr. Lorraine Ryan 561-244-7627, x-107
            Fax: 561-244-7629

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